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Tsukuihama Beach

Easy to access by Kiekyu Line. Only 5 minutes walk from the TSUKUIHAMA station, you can get  to the open, specious, and relaxing SUP friendly beach. It has been selected to hold the Windsurfing World Cup from 2017. The sea condition is ideal for paddling due to the stable side-shore winds and steady waves even in strong winds. 

Tour Details

Duration : 2 Hours
Skill Level : Beginner ~ Intermediate 

Access :  Train ◎ Car ◎

Public Shower & restroom: ○ 

Dog’s participant : ○ ( ¥2,500 - / dog)


  • About 5 minutes by foot Keikyu Tsukuihama Station.

走水海岸 1 (4) (14).png


Starting from Tsukuihama Sta.

You can come to Tsukuihama beach by using Keikyu line. Get off at the Tsukuihama Station and turn to the right after you exit the ticket gate.

​Go up a gentle slope

Walking along the road in front of the station, go up a gentle slope till you get LAWSON Tsuihama Staion shop.

走水海岸 1 (4) (15).png



走水海岸 1 (4) (16).png



​Go through the residential area.

​Simply go along the road in a serene neighborhood.


Once you find the red container at the end of the passage, the venue is almost be there! 

走水海岸 1 (4).jpg




・About 30 seconds by foot from the  wind surfing world cup memorial parking.

・Parking Address : 1096,Minamishitauramachikamimiyada, Miura, Kanagawa

​On the Kitashimourakaigan Street.

The  wind surfing world cup memorial parking is located along the KITASHIMOURA street. The entrance gate is nearby the signal named 「諏訪神社入口 ( Suwa Shrine Ent.)」. Once you find go into the sea side and take a parking card!

​Easy access to the beach


164 units. (* height 2.1m, width 1.7m, length 4.7m, weight up to 2 t)


Weekends and July& August

400 yen every 1 hour, Maximum 1,000 yen per a day.

The others

400 yen per a day


Credit Card:✖  SUICA, PASMO : ○

Google MAP 


Comfortable Facilities

Free Public Showers and rest rooms are available. Comfortably taking showers and change in to fresh after the activity!


Grab the burger and spend relaxing moment with your friends after SUP🙌

Various cafes & Shops along the seaside. Pick up some of them and update the information accordingly.

A brisk walk from the beach will lead you to the great food spot. "Blue Moon" is the cafes who offers tasty burgers and pancakes with a reasonable price.  English menu, Credit cards, and terrace seats are available. You can enjoy good meal, good time with your friends and family. The blue colored signboard along the street is their sign! 

​Store Information

Addresses:1-4-7, Tsukui, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 

Opening Hours : Tue - Fri / 10:00AM - 6:00PM Sat & Sun / 10:00AM - 9:00PM
Shop Holidays : Every Monday, The second Tuesday.
Parking : 6 units
Dogs: ○
Method of Payment : Credit Card ○  Suica/PASMO ○ Electric Moneys ○

Google MAP

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